Michelle Shriver
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Territories: California — San Diego, Colorado, Nevada, Utah

When terrific companies are coupled with passionate and talented managers who embody the same values, businesses and careers thrive! That is our mission — to bring together hospitality companies and leaders who fit together perfectly.

How do we do that? For our client companies, it starts with finding the most qualified candidates for your open management positions, but then it moves well beyond that. Skills and experience are what any recruiter offers, but we know that you want — and need — so much more than that. You want a recruiter who understands your culture, your mission, and your values — and a recruiter who has the resources to find leaders who exemplify what you stand for. In addition to our extensive database of talented managers, our specialty is finding and recruiting successful managers who weren’t even looking for another position but who can’t wait to meet you!

For our candidates, we know you can perform the job functions, but you’re looking for an employer who cares about you as a person, who always acts with integrity, and who not only makes you feel valued but also valuable. You are looking for a company where you “belong” and can do your best work, and where your efforts are rewarded. We work with successful, growing companies who aren’t looking for just anyone with relevant experience but someone who will truly be successful with them — that’s why they work with us!
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Professional Background

Michelle worked in the casino industry for 18 years — starting as an entry-level manager and earning successive promotions to her final position as an Executive Vice President of Operations for a national casino resort company. She and her husband also currently own six franchised cafes in two states. Additionally, she is a Regional Developer for two franchise brands, responsible for cultivating and helping other franchisees become successful in their own businesses. It is this diversity yet relevancy of experience that ensures our client companies and management candidates are successful in accomplishing their goals.

Press Coverage

Michelle knows what it takes to land a job — and keep one! See complete Q&A with Michelle in VEGAS INC Magazine.

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